Sunday, June 01, 2008

Puttin' it all together.

The end is in sight. Ironically, I was working on the Avid used to finish No End In Sight when I took this. Incidentally, I think we still don't actually have a name for the film. 

Friday, May 16, 2008

Rhyme Animal gets it's due.

We knew that eventually Rhyme Animal would find it's people. And it turns out those people live in Decatur,Georgia. I am pleased to announce that Rhyme Animal won the "Best Short Film" at the 2008 Spaghetti Junction Urban Film Festival!

Winners Announced at 6th Annual Spaghetti Junction Urban Film Fest.
Decatur, GA

2008 IMPACT AWARD Recipient: Ralph Scott

Best Short: Rhyme Animal (DIRECTOR: Phil Roc CAST: MuMs, Al Thompson and Bridget Barkan)

Best Documentary: Black To Our Roots (DIRECTOR: Ras Tre Subira)

Best Feature & 2008 SJUFF Best Film: Black August Award $1,000. (DIRECTOR: Tcinque J. Sampson & Samm Styles. CAST: Gary Dourdan, Darren Bridgett, Vonetta McGee, Ezra Stanely, Tina Marie Murray, Leith M. Burk, Elizabeth Nunziato, Big' Leroy Mobley. PRODUCERS: Jan Mabry, Judd Flemming)

Friday, May 02, 2008

My New Favorite Blog

The Giant Squid Blog

It's science! They are discovering things from a real giant squid, pretty much the only one ever recovered intact enough to be anything other than suggestive and menacing!

It has the largest eyes on earth. The lenses are as big as oranges. It is also a LADY giant squid!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

a poorly debugged set of device drivers, with excellent copy protection.

good lord.

Microsoft just gave me the opportunity to wait on hold, and then to talk to a stranger from india. We had a conversation composed of me reading 54 single digits to him, and then him reading a new set of 54 digits back to me. There was a script, and so we couldn't even really say anything else to each other. It was like being in the coded communications department of the army in a war we'd both been drafted for, as I'm pretty sure neither of us had any idea what the numbers meant, and we both would've rather been doing something else. I think the man on the other end of the phone may have had the worst job I've ever run across; I feel awful for him.

Who on earth ever thought that was a decent way to do anything? Somebody must have... Did Jim Alchin approve this? Dave Cutler? Brian Valentine? Bill Gates? Did any ONE of them look at this, and think, 'Yeah, that's great, let's do it that way!"?

Actually I think Dave Cutler is the only one on that list who DIDN"T have to approve this. Unbelievable. I thought it was a joke, until I realized I couldn't actually use the copy of Windows XP I paid for until I went through these shenanigans.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


these are pretty amazing images.

i don't have a lot to say about them except that they seem to have a quality which really makes you think. it's a liminal moment, caught on film, and somehow it generates a huge sense of wonder.

i saw these first on the svn blog.