Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Times is changing.

This morning, Apple announced that they've made a deal with NBC to put quite a bit of content online through the Itunes store. It's amazing to see the media landscape actually changing right in front of your eyes. When Apple started selling videos, there were only a half-dozen shows from ABC and some Pixar shorts, but the cash has apparently been good enough that other networks are following.

I have small concerns about the technical quality of the files, but, as with MP3s, the compromises are good enough that a substantial new amount of flexibility comes from the smaller files. I can say that dealing with non-technical/non video-industry people, they seem to find the image quality not only acceptable, but pretty good. More on that later, most likely.

If we ever get to the point where IndieFlix will put your movie on ITunes like CDBaby does now, it will be a very interesting day. You might actually make the money back on a documentary without having to be in theaters.

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