Monday, January 09, 2006

There were lots of animals in PAPILLION

Papillion was this prison-break movie released in 1973, starring Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman; it takes place sometime in the 1930s. There is a bizarre amount of wildlife on screen:

1. Little crabs when arriving in French Guiana.
2. Lizards on roof.
3. Alligator when on work detail.
4. Butterflies on work detail.
5. Snake on work detail.
6. Roach in solitary.
7. Bat in solitary.
8. Large crab in solitary.
9. Millipede in solitary.
10. Dog on leper island.
11. Turtles on boat.
12. Sharks on final island.
13. Pigs and goats on final island.
14. Grasshopper on final island.

There are probably more, but that's all I can remember. It's an interesting idea, to use animals as shorthand for different situations or conditions. Not something that would work in every film, but it worked here just fine.


Andrew Beaujon said...

Gee, I thought you'd quit smoking weed.

genevelyn said...

Maybe its a McQueen thing--consider "The Great Escape".

synchro said...

Hmm. It's been a while since i saw "The Great Escape", so I don't remember exactly what you're alluding to, but i did recently see "Bullitt"....Amazing for a dozen reasons, but short on wildlife.

genevelyn said...

I haven't seen "The Great Escape" in a spell either, so this was a lazy attempt to get you to the wildlife list and jiggle my memory. (I think there was a lot of wildlife in the film.)
As for "Bullitt"--there were basically two types of movie macho guys in the late 60s early 70s. Those of the same ilk as Steve McQueen, Bronson, or even Norris--hyper intelligent, damaged, don't mess me with macho, and those more like Burt Reynolds in "Gator"--guys you could see yourself having a beer with. The former tough guy is my personal preference. And your right, "Bullitt" is amazing for many reasons, one being the interminable car chase across the hills of CA.