Monday, May 08, 2006

Crazy for bicycles.

I rode in the 5-boro bike tour over the weekend. Lots of fun; much better organized than last year. Once again, not that many folding bikes in the crowd, which surprised me; my dahon speed pro served admirably once more.

I've put some photos over on the photoblog:



Chelly said...

I have a Dahon Boardwalk 6 speed and it's worked for me everywhere so far. I've even shown up some bikers with much more expensive bikes. It was a great ride.

bootsy said...

Congrats! Mike and I watched yo u from our perch in Central Park. We, of course, were RECLINING. NOt as in recumbent bicycle-wise, as in on our fat expectant asses-wise.
Hey! Let's get together!

synchro said...

the number of people in this town with insanely expensive bikes is larger than the number of people whose skill level and fitness warrant of the things I'm reminded of by having a bike with small wheels is that most people have over-inflated impressions of what they actually need; or they just don't know at all!

I ride my girlfriends helios P8 from time to time, and it seems like the whole fixation with 10->12->18>24 speeds is pretty aburd. 8 speeds (or even six) works fine if they're properly spaced.