Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Rhyme Animal News

I'll be back shortly with a wrap up of some fantastic films I saw during Tribeca...but wanted to share some good news regarding one of the short films I cut last year, RHYME ANIMAL.

- A web site is up at www.rhymeanimalmovie.com

- The movie has been accepted and screened at the Cleveland International Film Festival, as well as the Newport Beach Film Festival.

- We've got some festival dates coming up in the New York area. Rhyme Animal was accepted into the Brooklyn International Film Festival (http://www.wbff.org/) and the Hoboken International Film Festival(http://www.filmfestivalnj.com/). Those two websites are a fascinating study in contrasts. I'm not sure either site has been updated with the actual screening times yet. I believe we're screening in Hoboken on Monday, June 4, 2pm but I don't know the location.

And we're also screening in a pretty cool event, the Cannes Short Film Corner. It's not the festival proper, but it's real, it's a market, and it's online as well. Check our rhymes out here:


And finally, please check out the trailer for the short.

Hi Rez:




That's all the news so far!

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