Monday, August 06, 2007

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Web video!

The Lever 2000 Raise Your Game Challenge

These videos were a lot of fun to work on. They were cut in a manner very similar to a true documentary edit process - lots of interviews, lots of versions to get to the best telling of the story. But perhaps with a little bit more wiggle room around what actually happened than a doc; this is reality TV - err, internet - after all!

In spite of the delivery format being 320x240 pixels, the series was shot on DVC50, and had both a traditional NLE upres and proper mix sessions. In English, that means it got more attention to detail than a lot of broadcast TV does these days.

I'm resposible for editing all of episode 7, and a substantial part of 8, though I had excellent help from another editor, Kevin Berry, on that one.

Enjoy! Though I highly suggest letting the video download before you start watching. For some reason, no matter how fast your connection is, the player seems intent on stuttering.

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